Texting and your dealership

Texting has become an essential part of how we communicate. It is replacing email and phone calls for many of our communication needs. Take a look at how many unread texts you have currently and compare it to the number of unread emails in your inbox. I would be willing to bet you are more on top of your texts than you are your email.


CarcodeSMS exists to help car dealers and web providers take advantage of this evolving medium. I say evolving because for years texting was for close friends and family only. That social norm has changed and now casual social and business connections are texting you.  This is partly related to unlimited texting plans and partly based on the fact that people know you will actually respond, and respond quickly, if they send you a text. 90% of texts are opened within 3 minutes of being received.  This is significantly faster than email or voice message response times.


Along with an increase in texting, dealerships are seeing an increase in traffic to their mobile websites as well. Many volumes have been written about how important it is to offer mobile shoppers an optimized experience that adjusts to size of their device. However, very few car dealers are optimizing the communication methods available to the customer based on the device. When you are browsing a website from your smartphone you have new choices that are not available on a desktop. Your mobile website may offer “click to call” and “click to email” functionality, but it is missing the preferred way people communicate via with their smartphone, text messaging! If your mobile website does not give customers the option to text your dealership, you are missing out on a great way to leverage the power of the mobile device.